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"Promo Paradise"
Casual Marketing for the 21st Century

You belong here if an “Umbrella Motto” applies to you!


I    You sense your work might be more than a set of routine tasks, or should be!  

I    You search for distinctive ways of perfecting your unique gifts & abilities!

I    You welcome refreshing change & will risk energy & time for results!

I    You value a creative atmosphere for exploring lots of possibilities & approaches!

I    You will apply your talents to “flexible” &  smart”, yet “casual” solutions!






        *     Promo Paradise  LOCATION”          Tip:  casual dress code only!

             *   A comfortably warm & fun online site                  *   A place to meet, & greet NET friends & relax

             *   A space for you to be a Promoter in Paradise                 *   A valuable cyber-land-of-plenty, for Networkers      



          *     “GET-INTO-GEAR-HERE”                           Tip:  check your attire for this leg of the Journey! 


*   Methods for you to help establish a relaxed form of doing business

*   Specific opportunities you receive through an expanding Consortium here

*   Unique modes of transporting your business INFO around the Net & World Wide Web

*   Categories, qualities & options you employ here, called: “S-P-E-E-D-M-O-D-E”


              *     “S-P-E-E-D-M-O-D-E”                      

                      Tip:  May be a mellow ride!  You enjoy practicing the “Art” of living your life &

                                    making-a-living” happens all on it’s own.  Grab your gear & be prepared!


    *    Supplies special access to avenues geared to serious Netmarketing & Advertising

    *    Provides both *Free*, affordable & innovative alternatives to SPAM

    *    Encourages the growth of purposeful & friendly Safe List membership

    *    Enables simplicity of daily business management & public relations

    *    Directs a sense of purpose into mundane acts of repeated activity

    *    Measures efficiency of multiple promotional methods by providing ample tool selection

    *    Offers needed focus & options, in areas traditionally utilizing similar sales approaches

    *    Demonstrates dedication to creating more enjoyable marketing experiences

    *    Energizes a positive environment for Joint Venture exchanges, in the promotional arena



                     *     Participation “REWARDS”                Tip:  Now you Dress for Entrepreneurial SUCCESS!


    *    You see the job gets done here with a sense of joy & meaning

    *    You network where it’s comfortable to visualize the fruits of your labor

    *    You visit often, to keep that feeling of well-being in your business life



     Current SERVICES


             *   SafeList Community (15 Lists)                                      Support E-mail     

             *   Free, PRO & PLATINUM Levels                                     some Free PRO Memberships still open



             *   SOLO & Ad Services -  recent improvements               Support E-mail

             *   SOLOS, Header, Footer & Banner Rotations                  daily low prices for PROMO to thousands  



    *  Ad Creation services available                                     Support E-mail                      

    *  Styles available in *.txt & *.HTML                                 opening rates apply



    *  BANNER Creation services available                            Support E-mail      

    *  Abundant sizes & types to choose from                        samples on display again soon   (server crash)



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